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With the passing of Jim Rohn, I find it suitable to pay tribute to the many quotes that he used. I know of noboby else that has used so many quotes so successfully and become so well known for them.

In my eyes Jim was the master of Self Improvement Quotes. I did know the man personaly, Jim Rohn, and i can only say: What a wonderfull human being. He has made a positive influence on my life.

Especially, through all the Self Improvement guru’s that now are multi millionaires from the teachings of Jim Rohn. They have much to thank him.

Jim Rohn – The Mentor Jim Rohn has influenced many people around the globe with his teachings. I remember, in the early days of Tony Robbins, hearing about the new prodigy of Jim Rohn.

Other Self Improvement people that have been connected to Jim’s teachings are: Brian Tracy, John Peterson, Rui Ludovino, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield and millions more. Arguably, most of the motivational marketers out there have been influenced by Jim Rohn to some degree.

In my personal opinion, Jim was a successful prodigy of  Napoleon Hill’s teachings in the 1937 evergreen Self Improvement Book: Think And Grow Rich. As these principles are universal, everyone is teaching the same thing.

What Jim did was bring this to a commercial attention that will enable more and more people to improve their life’s to a whole new level. Jim Rohn Quotes As Jim Rohn was the Master of Motivational Quotes, I find it suitable to quote a few of his best.

There are so many, I had to prune them back to just a few. They all have the power to improve your life, as long as you appreciate the meaning behind them and embrace them with action. Use Jim’s quotes and apply them in your life and your life is never going to be the same.

As Jim said: “Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”  This video is in tribute of Jim Rohn Quotes. So sit back and enjoy the profoundness of some of the best Jim Rohn Quotes made.

Rohn’s Most Significant Quote With the passing of Jim Rohn very recently, I find this quote very suitable. It epitomises the legacy of the man and the influence he has had on so many people – and more importantly, the legacy he leaves behind: “Get around people who have something of value to share with you”.

Their impact will continue to have a significant effect on your life long after they have departed”

Jim Rohn Quotes

How long should you try? Until.

Either you run the day or the day runs you.

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.

Commit yourself to something bigger than yourself.

Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.

blow your own horn, or you might just miss the music.

Learn to say NO to the good, so you can say YES to the great.

Failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.

Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.
Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.
You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.

Give so much to the improvement of yourself, that you don’t have time to criticize others.

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.

If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.

Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

Jim Rohn. 1930 – 2009. Requiescat in pace. Rest In Peace.


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