Take Responsability

Until you realize that YOU make your own destiny, you won’t do much to shape it!

Blaming others will not move you closer to realizing your goals… it will just give you a negative mindset and cause you to move in the wrong direction.

When a problem arises, look for opportunities… you will almost always find them if you look hard enough.

The best definition I have ever heard concerning goals is that they are merely dreams WITH an actionable plan. If you make plans that will move you closer to realizing your dreams, you’ve just created some goals.

Here are some Goal-Setting Tips

? Write them down! Nearly every goal-setting guru agrees… written goals are much better than the ones stuck in your head.

? Make your Goals exciting, yet attainable. If you’re only making $200 per month online right now, don’t set a Goal to Make a Million Per Year within the next six months. Instead, look to set goals that will help you achieve 25X what you are doing now in the course of the next twelve months.

(Example – If you are making $1,000 per month right now, Set a Goal that will have you making $2,000-$5,000 per month within the next twelve months)

? Once you’ve written your Goals down, re-order them in a manner that
makes sense AND add specific dates to them. So, if your first item of
business is to create a product, set a date for the completion of the product and work to complete the project in the time listed.

? Share your Goals with those closest to you. This one might be a bit scary,
especially if your loved ones are negative thinkers and prone to making fun
of your “outlandish” Goals, but it is important none the less. As soon as you
share them with someone else, you know you’re responsible to take action.

Until you share them, you give yourself an “out” because after all, no one
else knows about them.

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