STEP SIX: Apply POSITIVE Leverage!
Applying POSITIVE leverage while avoiding NEGTATIVE leverage is the key
to making fast progress.

Remember that upside leverage is anything that helps you enhance your
time and money while downside leverage will rob you of both!
Here’s a quick recap of things from both categories…
POSITIVE Leverage:

? Buying PLR Products – Most of the work has already been done… saving
you time. Also, it generally will cost a lot less to buy/improve a good
PLR product than it does to create it from scratch.

? Outsourcing – Use others to help you get more done and do the things
that are among your weaknesses!

? Reinvestment of your capital – Especially at the beginning, look to
reinvest 70-80% of your net profit. If you do this, your earnings will

? And much more!
NEGATIVE Leverage:

? Wasting your money on “magic blue pill” products – This capital could
be used to create a proven “winner.” Again, stay focused to your core

? Playing Farmville or Angry Birds (or HALO) for hours on end. – While
it might be fun, it is robbing you of the time you could be using to
grow your business!

? Buying stuff on credit – Unless you have a solid plan to turn the
purchase into a profit in a short time frame, avoid this like the

? And much more!

STEP SEVEN: Stay The Course!

After taking action, this is probably the biggest key to success!

It’s hard enough to take action, but if you give up quickly, you will
never know the success that lives “just around the bend.”

I don’t really know how to teach you persistence except to tell you that
it is absolutely crucial! Everyone will experience challenging times…
times that make you doubt yourself and your plan.

If you want to succeed you must be pig-headed! You must persevere in
spite of your self-doubt and the negativity poured on by others.
Have A Fabulous Day euNuno Andrade - My Incredible Business

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