Are You More Curious About Diamonds Or Iphone?

Are You More Curious About Diamonds Or Iphone?

You better check this video:

Today i learn from this Curius Video:

I didn’t new that a single sperm have a 35.7 MB of DNA Information. It means that an Orgasm with normal ejaculation have 1.500 TB of DNA Genetic Information. Thats a lot of MB… LOL


Apple Iphone is the second best selling product of all time after the Rubik’s Cube. That i was not surprised. I already have lots of Rubic Cubes when i was a child but never had an Iphone 🙂

But Diamonds, that is incredible… How it’s possible???? Maybe i can pruduce Diamonds in my own place. LOL. The only way of producing Diamonds from my place is to became one in OG and help others doing the same and enjoy the real Diamond Life Style.

Conclusion: I’m an Atom trying to understand other Atoms find my own way to Diamond because i never concluded The Rubik’s Cube(only cheating) 🙂 because i have borned with 35.7 MB of DNA Genetic Information(It means that at the same moment it was losted almost 1.500 TB).

If so many things where lost in that day and i was the sperm who win that incredible race, i’m a very lucky guy.

And so do you.

You want to be a Winner again and became a Diamond with me? Came and Join My OG Team NOW

Have a wonderfull day


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