The Sodium Aluminum Silicate used in some of the Organo Gold products affect health?

The Sodium Aluminum Silicate used in some of the Organo Gold products affect health?

The Organo Gold Company is really shaking all Network Marketing businesses, especially those in the area of ??wellness.

Large organizations are getting out of their Network Marketing businesses and going to Organo Gold and this is causing great discomfort to those who are loosing big organisations.

Some emails circulate on the Internet trying to tarnish the image of Organo Gold to the point that even now say Products contain ingredients that are harmful to health.

The most recent email I received says the following:

“Subject: Organo Gold has aluminum in cafe and call it healthy?


I just get to states and tou home of some friends.
When I spoke of what they know about the Organo Gold (as they do in MLM 20 years) … opened my eyes and told me, they call coffee pulls Rui healthy but has aluminum in cafe.
Nao says in small sachets, but says in the larger box.
The aluminum serves to keep the coffee powder, it is not all together, so people often use rice in salt to keep it loose.

Here are some observations: on / alzheimers_and_aluminum_toxicity.html

and for those who have doubts here in 27s% 20alzheimer

cause health problems.
I do not know but I could not take it much less indicate to others.
Please pass the word. ”

The Ganoderma Lucidum, existing in various products helps the body to release a naturally existing heavy metals in our body responsible for causing various diseases, Cancer inclusive.

Some companies use Sodium Aluminum Silicate that is being studied as a way Therapeutics for the Treatment of Disease Alhzeimer among other things. It is very easy to confuse people misinformed but can check the scientific studies on this ingredient:

After all said this aluminum(Sodium Aluminium Silicate) will do well to Health

My experience in this area since 1997 and sponsor of my 20 years in this area also led us to learn to check everything thoroughly whenever they are positive or negative statements related to health. I work with facts and not opinions.

Increasingly there will be attempts to badmouth and rightly so. It happens to all that is extremely good.

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  1. Allan - February 20, 2014 at 9:43 am Reply

    So you are saying that Sodium Aluminum Silicate is healthy and is being used to treat Alzheimers? Are you being serious?

    Sodium Aluminum Silicate is a synthetic based Aluminum salt, used as an anti-caking agent for powdered processed substances. IT IS NOT HEALTHY.

    Do you really thing that eating an Aluminum salt is good for the body? Organo Gold (used to be called Gano Excel) is a bitter tasting horrific coffee that no coffee aficionado would ever drink. Perhaps the clueless masses may like it, but then again, the product is cheaply made and sold for a premium price because it is MLM based. An MLM can sell candy coated deep fried dog turds and if the commission pays enough, and the auto-ship expensive enough, people will eat it and tell you how “good” it is because their paycheck depends on it.

    If you want to become a millionaire by screwing the dumb masses, then go for it. I hope you can sleep at night. If you want the health benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom, then go buy the mushroom…’s much cheaper.

    • - February 27, 2014 at 7:52 pm Reply

      Thank you for your opinion. i’m an alternative health practioner(not Organo Gold distribuitor) and i tested Organo Gold coffee in hundreds of persons with positive results in all kind of hillness(It’s one of the best produts i ever use). Maybe you are right saiyng that about S.A.Silicate. What i know it’s that Pharmaceuticals Industry are poisen our food delibered for us to get sick and then go buy medicins. They win money in both sides, selling dangerous quimicals for agriculture and them selling medicins. Ganoderma have an incredible power putting out of your body heavy metals and other toxins and Organo Gold coffee do that. And for your information, Organo Gold is one MLM company and Gano Excel it’s another MLM company. The founder of Organo used to work with Gano Excel before. And i don’t want to get Millionaire, i’m already 🙂 I feel myself blessing for the last 16 years i’ve helped hundreds of people living with better health. And this makes me feel like a millionaire because i’ve positive touched and changed a million lifes, direct and indirec. Have a wonderfull day

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