Oh No, I Have To Go To Vegas, Again!

Oh No,

I Have To Go To Vegas,




One of the greatest things in Network Marketing is to travel.

I Love it! But when i started MLM in 1997 it was something that i didn’t like.

Why i didn’t like it? I think it was because the only trip that i have made before was from Portugal to Spain to buy candys. It was with my parents and my brother and my sister. We where young kids and it was so stressfull.

Why Is So Important To Go To Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of the most important places in earth when we talk about International MLM  Events. And my company is going to make a training there. One of the most value things of this events is that you learn with the top liders of your company and it’s an oportunity to make new friends. Even if they dont have translation in your language you should go.

Theres something there that you will never undestand unless you go. It’s a show and all of what’s going to hapen there will be so important to yours business, for your personal grow.

Imagine your perfered artist. When you see it on TV or listen to his music, what you feel? And what’s the diference when you go to a live concert? It’s not the same, right?! The emotions are completely higher in the live show and it’s proven fact that emotions are what make people change their on lifes.

Thats why you should go to your company events, especialy the big ones.

I believe that was the events that i went that make the most important changes in my mind. And sucess it a question of mindset.

And remenber this:

Not every one that go to International Events becames wealthy but, everybody who is wealthy in Network Marketing go to this events!

Choose wisely, my friend!

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