Global Food Supply Deliberately Engineered To Kill You

Global Food Supply

Deliberately Engineered

To Kill You

Toxins in  food

After having actually now assessed over 1,000 Foods, Superfoods, Vitamins, scrap Foods and popular refreshments for heavy metals and other elements at the Natural Information Forensic Food Labs, I have reached a conclusion urgent and so disconcerting that it can only be mentioned candidly.
Based on exactly what I am seeing through atomic spectroscopy analysis of all the Nutritional elements people are consuming every day, I should now announce that the struggle for human kind is almost lost. The Food Supply seems deliberately designed to end human life instead of nourish it.

Life-destroying contaminants intentionally crafted into the Food Supply

My laboratory has revealed scientific evidence that substances are purposefully created into dietary products to drive customers emotionally outrageous while triggering extensive infertility, body organ damage and a loss of any ability to participate in rational, mindful thinking.

These hazardous compounds are being discovered across the entire Food Supply consisting of in Traditional Foods, natural foods, “natural” products and nutritional supplements
This goes far beyond the mere contamination of Foods with heavy metals– a subject which is grave all by itself. Rather, this has to do with the intentional formula of harmful substances into items consumed by the masses regularly.

The result is what you see unfolding around you right now: mass madness, extraordinary escalations of criminality amongst political operatives, medical madness among an enhancing variety of mainstream media authors and reporters, widespread infertility in young couples, escalating rates of kidney failure and dialysis clients, plus a near complete loss of rational thinking among the ballot masses.

The results of this are devastating to human civilization: the collapse of a capable labor force, the increase of the masses dependent on government for survival, the collapse of cost-free democracies due to the cognitive retardation of the ballot masses, a blowing up prison population and the increase of for-profit corporate jail systems, and even the near complete collapse of any capability of the news-consuming public to analyze and comprehend even one of the most standard details such as nationwide financial obligation figures.

The long-lasting effects of this prevalent gastrointestinal disorder sensation will be the utter failure of modern human civilization for many factors ranging from economic non-sustainability to ecological damage and the international rise of political violence as we are seeing right now in Kiev.

As more and even more laboratory outcomes have actually been documented below at the Natural Information Forensic Food Laboratory, it has become progressively obvious to me that humankind can not make it through the mass engineered poisoning of the food supply.

You are, naturally, being expertly sidetracked from all this with Powerball jackpots, tabloid celebrity information, staged political drama and of course the all-time favorite interruption of every crumbling empire: violent sports.

vitamins toxicWhat we’re discovering in Foods, Supplements and Vitamins.

What I’ve released so far simply hardly scrapes the surface of what we are discovering. Below’s a review of a few of the extremely shocking searchings for we have now recorded:.

The now-infamous “yoga mat chemical” utilized by Train in their breads is likewise widely used throughout the fast-food industry. McDonald’s, Chik-Fil-A, Wendy’s, Arby’s and numerous other restaurants also use the chemical azodicarbonamide which is Connected to Cancer.

There is no rational reason why chemicals like azodicarbonamide require to be added to recipes of Fast Food breads and buns. It seems to exists only for the purpose of delivering the chemical to hundreds of millions of customers by mixing it into popular quick Foods.

Lots of mainstream, popular Vitamins brands are intentionally surged with such high levels of copper that if handled an everyday basis, they will cause psychological madness and psychosis. A few of these Vitamin brands are regularly promoted on television to the mainstream masses, motivating them to consume the Vitamins, many of which are made by business had completely or part by pharmaceutical interests.

Lead is a hazardous heavy metal that damages brain function. In this method, individuals who are suffering from early dementia or Alzheimer’s are actually accelerated toward brain damage via specific Natural Supplements which appear made to provide poisonous heavy metals to the brain.

At the exact same time, we discovered that the very exact same “brain herb,” when adulted in the UNITED STATE, includes virtually no heavy metals. I’m freely asking this concern: Is there a hidden heavy metals war being waged against America by China? Poisoning the populace with heavy metals is an extremely efficient means to collapse a nation by ruining the sanity and Wellness of its people.

Popular kids’s Vitamins sold in nearly every grocery shop and drug store throughout America are especially created to be exceptionally toxic to establishing neurology. The variety of artificial, hazardous chemicals contributed to nearly every popular brand of kids’s Vitamins is truly shocking, and numerous of them seem to be selected for their ability to target and interrupt neurological function.

From a purely clinical point of view, these “Vitamins” would honestly have to be called “poison tablets,” yet moms and dads are encouraged to feed them to their kids every day as part of a modern-day Wellness ritual that in fact triggers lasting damage.

At our atomic spectroscopy lab, we have actually confirmed trace levels of Aluminum in routine atmospheric air, validating the truth that all farming dirts are being swamped with Aluminum which is actually falling out of the sky. This is not simply Aluminum in our laboratory air, as many labs include Aluminum floors or furniture, causing an abnormally high Aluminum concentration in laboratory air.

Rather, parts per billion concentrations of Aluminum have actually been measured in regular atmospheric air sampled far from any building or laboratory. The result of this sensation is that Aluminum levels are increasing in almost all soil-grown crops from which everyday Food is acquired. While Aluminum is far less harmful than Mercury, lead or cadmium, the duplicated buildup of Aluminum is believed to be tied to degenerative Brain Disorders throughout the population.

This mass poisoning of the populace is plainly intentional, as it is purposely engineered into the crops which are adulted for the sole function of animal and human usage. It will feed the world … with poison.

Food has become a weapon against humankind.

As you can see from these examples, Food has actually ended up being a weapon versus humankind. It is the new vector for a stealth war of the nations versus humankind– a war which is being silently salaried right this very moment with weapons you would probably discover in your very own pantry.
World War I was battled primarily in the trenches, with soldiers slinging pieces of lead at each various other and using crude chemical weapons like mustard gas.

The second world war was battled with a genocidal objective, utilizing advanced kinetic weapons and chemical weapons engineered by pharmaceutical business.

Our of The second world war and the Nazi era came IG Farben, the chemical-pharma conglomerate which was later split into 3 business, among which is now referred to as Bayer, the exact same company that makes children’s aspirin and numerous chemicals utilized throughout the food supply. (Examine your history. This is factual and real.).

World War III appears to currently be in progress, and it is being salaried as a stealth war via the Food Supply. The chemicals are really similar to those utilized in World war and World War II other than that rather of being deployed on the battle field, today’s chemical weapons are deployed through the Food Supply and frequently even listen precisely ingredients labels.

Harmful components like salt nitrite and aspartame are developed to work at sub-acute levels so they do not trigger people to drop dead immediately. Rather, they trigger the chronic, long-lasting degenerative collapse of mind and body, leaving behind a wake of worldwide Cancer, kidney failure and severe psychological conditions consisting of psychosis. This damage to body and mind, in turn, destroys economies, education systems, scientific improvement, free democracies and even cultural honesty.

The silent Food battle of mankind.

Exactly what the United States Flying force did to Dresden in The second world war via high-elevation battle runs, the global chemical and Food conglomerates are now doing to the world populations through the drive-thru window.

However there are no bombs leaving of the sky and there are no firestorms lighting up the cityscape in the evening. Rather, the quiet, ignorant masses are simply marched to their fatalities, one dish at a time, virtually like an item train filled with “pointless eaters” clicking and clacking its way to Auschwitz.
En route to their own deaths, obviously, they pay the compulsory tolls to the pharmaceutical giants, medical facilities, Cancer cells centers, doctors and medical insurance mandates. Much like sufferers of Nazi genocide had their gold fillings took out of their mouths prior to they were gassed to fatality, today’s mainstream customers are cleared of their checking account, assets and insurance coverage before lastly being disposed of by the system.

There are incredible earnings to be made, you see, from very first poisoning the masses and afterwards “treating” them for the side results of that poisoning. This racket is so large and so deeply installed into our greed-driven culture that extremely couple of people even recognize it’s taking place to them.

However make no mistake: You are not valued by the system for your mankind, your spirit, your advancement or your creativity. You are just valued for your tax base at initially, and afterwards ultimately your “condition management revenues” which enrich worldwide corporations while you are poked, prodded, dosed, irradiated and drugged to fatality while the medical facility racks up page after page of clinical procedure billings codes which will be covered by Medicare … or Obamacare.

Here’s the escape: adult your own Food.

Noise too grim to be true? Let’s appearance at some solutions on the favorable side. The method out of all this is to grow your very own Food or a minimum of get as much as you can from regional farmers and CSAs.

Any Food gotten with traditional business sources is likely to be purposefully engineered, tied and packaged with unbelievably poisonous poisonous substances ranging from heavy metals to hormone disrupting product packaging containers. However Food adulted by sincere farmers offers genuine sustenance, not death.
In fact, the future of human civilization practically definitely belongs specifically to those who either grow their own Food or make arrangements for others to grow it for them. The factory-made Food eaten by the masses is rather really a poison distribution system that has no function besides mass revenue, death and condition.

If you want to avoid being a sufferer of this system, you have to prevent its items. Stop purchasing packaged processed Foods. Thoroughly prevent all processed meats containing salt nitrite, consisting of bacon, hot dogs, sausage, ham, deli meats, pepperoni pizza as well as beef jerky.

Stop drinking all diet plan soda, undoubtedly. Aspartame is hazardous to biology. All artificial sweeteners have dangerous side effects if eaten in sufficient amount.

Be unconvinced of “natural” products which are heavily processed and fine-tuned in some means. Inquire about native lands. Inspect heavy metals lab lead to remain notified.

Except for rare exceptions, stop getting superfoods and supplements made in China, the world’s most polluted Food manufacturer. The U.S. natural items industry has actually virtually been taken control by China over the last years, and much of what you think is safe and organic is actually greatly contaminated, either inadvertently or purposely, in mainland China.

Browse you at the evidence right in front of your eyes.

pesticideOr possibly you think I’m the insane one in discussing any of this. If that holds true, I motivate you to look around you and see the outcomes of what happens to individuals when they eat yoga mat chemicals, aspartame-laced diet sodas, artificial Food preservatives and inexpensive Vitamins contaminated with heavy metals. Unless you are living in a full state of rejection, you cannot help however discover that mankind has ended up being a race of near-mutants who hardly have a shred of wellness and sanity staying.
A contemporary young man maturing today in America and surviving processed Foods is bit more than a shadow of the strong, vivid young men who worked the farms just three generations earlier. Today’s generation of youth is horrible, weak, academically inept and greatly spoiled with their computer game consoles, Ritalin drugs and air-conditioned schools with a watered-down curriculum.

They have actually been dumbed down, stripped of nutrients and medicated to the point where literal zombies now walk among us.

Their bodies and brains are heavily contaminated with damaging chemicals, artificial products and heavy metals. In a really actual sense, the everyday consumption of processed food has actually ended up being a routine of slow-moving suicide mindlessly repeated everywhere that manufacturing facility Foods have gotten into once-sane societies.

While Republicans blame Democrats, and Democrats blame Republicans, the truth is that they are all being methodically poisoned and therefore driven to precisely the type of insanity we see played out across newspaper headings and information broadcasts.

We are far past the age of reason in the contemporary western world, and we will not survive this stealth war that releases weapons of Nutritional mass destruction with each alluring bite of sexy food that’s engineered for fatality instead of life.

This is far beyond any single issue of identifying GMOs, or getting natural or testing Foods for heavy metals. This is about exactly how human civilization is being given its knees by the most insidious stealth weapon ever experienced in our cumulative history: PROCESSED FOOD laced with hazardous substances.

Heed these words or you too will pass away a victim of this insidious, purposeful war against life, Wellness and sanity.

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