Internet marketing, also referred to as i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing or eMarketing, is the marketing of products or services on the Internet.
The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing, one of the lower costs and greater capabilities for the distribution of information and media to a worldwide audience. The interactive nature of Internet marketing, in terms of providing instant answers, is a unique quality of this mediator. It is sometimes considered that Internet marketing has a broader scope, not only due to the fact that it refers to digital media like the Internet itself and emails, but also includes systems that provide data management client digital and ECRMs.

E-Marketing can be described as efforts by companies to inform, communicate, promote and sell their products and services over the Internet. This type of promotion has major advantages over traditional marketing vehicles like the fact that both large and small firms may face costs as these are relatively low, there is no real limit of advertising space, access is fast and the site is available to the world without geographical limitations.
Friedman (2005) says that never before in human history many people were able to find much information about so many things in one place. Thus, the use of the Internet as an important tool in the search for any type of information is no longer a novelty and has become a habit for people anywhere in the world, Marketing was able to identify this global network of computers is a potential channel for promoting and distribution of products and services.
The accessibility to the Internet in addition to making much more agile and efficient way that people communicate and seek information also enabled the emergence of a new type of marketing, so much to Kotler (2006) companies can operate through an internet powerful sales channel for obtaining information and an expanded geographic reach to disseminate and promote their businesses and products anywhere in the world. The e-marketing is centered on the same concepts of traditional marketing to incorporate a means by which individuals have their needs identified and met through the creation, dissemination, exchange and supply of products. The internet is the channel used by the e-marketing to make this statement of value and provide interactivity to the customer, allowing greater exchange of information and an individualized relationship – one to one marketing.
The e-marketing has its base in e-commerce (electronic commerce via inernet), be it business to business or business to consumer. This new channel for the dissemination and promotion of products adds the possibility of global exposure to the traditional marketing mix: product, price, place (point of sale, distribution) and promotion (advertising, communication). This potentially increases the interaction relationships between companies and public, is a complementary action to the marketing mix.
Companies today are faced with the challenge of eliminating the gap that exists between traditional management and how business is managed from the viewpoint of electronic commerce. Most companies need to dramatically change the foundations that have guided them so far, revamping their concepts about where you can create value and how to raise it. The Internet is causing an exceptional transformation in the business world, requiring organizations to set aside much of what has been learned so far and start to think in global capitalism from a more advanced approach, which until recently was not even conceivable, where businesses and consumers have no boundaries.

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