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How A 44 Year Old Mother And Wife With Six Children Had A Complete Total Life Change With Network Marketing

How A 44 Year Old Mother And Wife With Six Children Had A Complete Total Life Change With Network Marketing


Irene from Netherlands, is a 44-year-old mother and wife with six children and has been ran a successful nail and pedicure salon for years, which required hard work and many hours of attention weekly, and she wasn’t spending enought time with her family.

Irene , that has had an entrepreneurial spirit for many years, tells how this change was very important for her to balance work and family.

In 2014,  Irene was ordered to stop working by her doctor, which meant that her family would now have to live off of only from her husband income.

Irene explained her situation:

“In 2014 we were in a difficult position like many other couples with kids. Our financial situation was really getting out of hand. We were financially distraught, disappointed, tired and lost. I’ve been involved in Network Marketing since my early twenties, been in different companies, earned money, but was never very successful.

As always, I was looking around on the Internet for an interesting opportunity and there I found a woman who told me more about one of her companys product. This was in September 2014. As one of the first representatives in The Netherlands, I started my current journey.

I made a deal with myself to be coachable, to follow the system and give this opportunity a full year and then look back at my results. In that year, I would give this company my full attention! And that’s what I did. I followed every training, listened to every opportunity call, translated all documents from English to Dutch for my team here in The Netherlands.

I was looking for an additional $1500 a month to put together with my husband’s income. Then all the bills would be paid. That was my main concern.”

Irene explained her time since joining this company as a phenomenal journey, but because of the time difference between The Netherlands and her sponsors  in the USA, she often felt alone. But she refused to give up. She made a commitment to herself and to her family and July 2015, Irene attended her first company conference in Atlanta, Georgia. “OMG a 13-hour flight … I was so excited.

That event pushed my believe to the roof!! And my business took off even more. Then in February 2016, I attended a conference in New Orleans, this time with my husband! Now looking back, it’s been 22 months, I feel so blessed and proud. My ‘yes’ has changed so many lives here in The Netherlands and other countries too.

Our team now has over 600 distributors! Now I’m a National Director looking to reach Ambassador Director. My team has 1 Regional Director, 3 Executive Directors and more then 30 Directors and my income has exceeded my initial goal of $1500 monthly,” adds Irene.

This company has turned Irene’s finances around. Irene and her husband Melvin are now debt-free, paying their bills on time and can afford to give their children more extra-curricular activities. They have been spending more time together and having regular ‘date nights’.

“Of all the network marketing companies I’ve been a part of, there’s none like this one. I love our teamwork and this company is a true family. I am very strict about the One Team, One Dream, One Hundred Thousand Families slogan. My life has totally turned around. I am ready for 2017. 2014 was my introduction, 2015 was practice and 2016 is game time … and 2017 will be amazing, we have lives and zip codes to change,” says Irene.

There must be someting different over here

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The Most Powerful Question In Network Marketing

The Most Powerful Question In Network Marketing

MLM-Marketing-Questions-300x225This is one of the most powerfull questions in Network Marketing to use to build a good and solid business.

In the last  years, this question as let thousands of distribuitors to more success, more benefits and more results than any other question. The foundation of it is this:

If i…., would you….?

If i did “this thing” would you do “that thing”?

and you can use it in every aspect of your Network Marketing business. Make sure this became a part of your daily language and of your distribuitors to. It’s so powerfull because its reciprical. You offering to do something first and then you are asking for someone to respond in kind. Try it and you will see the difference.

Using The Most Powerful Question In Network Marketing  when talking about your product/service

If i give you a sample of this product, would you try it and share with me your opinion? or

If i share with you “this product” that can give you “this benefits”, would you try it out?

If i give you this link that explain “this product” in detail, would you look at it?

If i gave you this DVD  that explains “this product” better than i could, would you watch it?

Using The Most Powerful Question In Network Marketing  when talking about your opportunity

If i give you this information, would you look at it in a serious way ?

If i have the solution for “this” problem in your life, would you take a serious look at it?

If i give you this link that explain “this opportunity” in detail, would you look at it?

If i show you a way to create a better life-style, more cashflow in your life, would you look at it?

If i invite you for a special invitation only event, would you join me?

If i give a link to assist this week to a special webinar, would you watch?

Using The Most Powerful Question In Network Marketing to your organization

If i invited you to our company convention, would you came with me?

If i help you making a local event, would you help me trying to find a place to have it?


This is just a few examples but works in every aspect of your business.mlm-change2

Hope you enjoy it






Frequently asked questions about MLM versus pyramiding companies

Frequently asked questions about MLM versus pyramiding companies


What is pyramiding and what’s the  difference between legitimate multilevel marketing (MLM) and pyramiding?

Network marketing, or MLM, is a legitimate mode of business wherein products are sold via person-to-person selling instead of the traditional way of selling from a fixed retail location. The objective is to sell products to the end-consumers.

The difference between MLM and direct selling is in the commission system, wherein participants in MLM generally benefit from the sales made by people under their line of sponsorship even if they are several levels deep (e.g., an independent distributor in an MLM earns commissions not only on his/her personal product sales, and not only on the sales of a person personally recruited by him/her, but also on the sales of persons recruited by his/her personal recruits).

Pyramiding  is generally characterized by people earning primarily from the act of recruiting other people who pay significant registration fees to join the pyramid scheme.

The people who sign up and make the investment in the form of registration fees then try to recoup their investment by recruiting other people into the scheme by enticing them to make similar investments.

Even if the registration fees include products, the total amount of payment is deemed a registration fee or investment as people pay the sum to join the plan rather than to sell the products to ultimate consumers.

Pyramiding is illegal because it is a money game. Profits are derived primarily from participants’ entry fees, and the income is dependent on the participants slot or position within the organization rather than the ability to sell the products or services.

If you are trying to start a MLM bussiness you should look for the official list of DSA member companies, If your future company is there, your safe. See at

Pyramiding is a hot topic . Why is that?

Why is Pyramiding a hot topic because it affects, and has affected, many people regardless of social or financial stature with its promise of easy and immediate financial gain.

In the past and still in present, pyramiding attract a lot of news when the pyramid scheme fails and people lose their money which, in many instances, are lifetime savings. Yet pyramids continue to happen. It brings a lot of pain and sorrow to the victims.

One way to see if a business is legitimate, fair and sustainable is by being a member of DSA with strict business standards, and a partner of the campaign against pyramiding.

In addition, the illegal pyramid schemes impact legitimate direct selling and multi-level marketing businesses, which offer earning opportunities to uplift the lives of individuals. Propagators of pyramid schemes tend to liken themselves to legitimate businesses, when they are really very different and can be distinguished through the 8-Point Test of DSA.

amway_under_siegeAmway was “accused” of pyramiding in the United States in 1975. In 1979, Amway won a landmark case against the United States Federal Trade Commission that legitimized MLM, This victory set a new standards that defined legitimate MLM companies

Amway country manager Leni Olmedo: After 4 years of legal proceedings, the US Federal Trade Commission ruled in 1979 that Amway was not an illegal pyramid scheme on account of the fact that the Amway sales and marketing plan is based on retail sales to consumers, and that the following salient features of the Amway plan and rules of conduct provided adequate protection to consumers:

There is no “headhunting” fee. Bonuses are based on product sales, and distributors must satisfy customers to make the Amway plan work.

The “70-percent rule” requires distributors to sell at least 70 percent of the total amount of products bought at any given month as a precondition to receiving performance bonus, thus preventing inventory loading.

The “10-customer rule” requires distributors make at least one sale to each of 10 different customers that month to make him eligible to receive bonuses and commissions on sales made by other distributors in their personal sales organization, thus encouraging retail sales to consumers.

A “buy-back policy” is offered for unsold inventory.

That  decision has become known as the “Amway Safeguards Rule” which is currently one of the most significant sets of legal standards by which courts and regulatory agencies determine the legitimacy of an MLM/network marketing/direct sales company.

The FTC investigations gave Amway and the industry renewed credibility in the long run. Decades after the landmark decision, the above criteria, known as the Amway safeguards test, continues to be used as a model or “gold standard” in differentiating legitimate MLM companies versus illegal pyramids.

What kind of reward schemes are considered “red flags” for potential pyramiding companies?Pyramid-Scheme

Symmetry general manager Beth Anana: Joining a company and encouraging new members to have multiple heads or multiple distributorships; the financial rewards being offered based on recruiting others who are similarly offered rewards to recruit others; basing the rewards on recruiting scales and being able to earn on infinite levels without even considering market demands are considered “red flags” for potential pyramiding companies.

Why should one avoid joining a pyramiding company?

Because Pyramiding is illegal. It is a scam and a practice of tricking people to register, pay and invest money with a promise of high commissions and earnings, usually, but not always, without any product being sold.

There is no business basis for earnings and commissions to be paid. Direct selling is all about providing opportunities to earn by selling quality, fair market value products to consumers on a sustainable basis. Selling a product is the business basis of providing individuals commissions, wherein the company shares the profit from the product sold to the individual who worked and sold it to the consumer.

Fair market value and quality of the products sold guarantee sustainable earnings and income which is the intent of direct selling.

What benefits will one get by joining a DSA accredited company?

One can also enjoy the benefit of having a concrete means of correcting negative practices in the field by distributors of other DSA companies, acting on their own, all in the spirit of dialogue and reconciliation and guided by a strict code of ethics.

Another is to learn from the best practices and successful projects of other DSA companies willing to share in the regular forums of the association. DSA provides a good counterpoint against the illegitimate pyramiding companies which are creating a bad image to the industry.

Finally, it helps boost the government’s campaign for inclusive growth, lifting more people from poverty by creating an army of entrepreneurs to help themselves and the national economy.

legal-ou-ilegal-32251120How can one be sure they are not joining a pyramiding company?

Pyramiding companies survive by disguising themselves as legitimate direct selling or MLM companies with hopes of taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

People should be mindful of the companies they join so they won’t be easily victimized. In order to help, DSA came up with the 8-point Test—a series of questions that can differentiate a legitimate direct selling company from a pyramiding one:

Is there a product?
Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on registration/entry fees?
Is the intent to sell a product not a position?
Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?
If recruitment were to be stopped today, would the participants still make money?
Is there a reasonable product return policy?
Do products have fair market value?
Is there a compelling reason to buy?
If the answer to all the questions is YES, then the company being evaluated is a legitimate company. But if the answer to even just one question is NO, then there is a high probability that it is a pyramid scam.

 If a company has legitimate products and encourages retailing, are they automatically legitimate MLM? Why or why not?

Retailing to consumers of legitimate and safe products, whose claims have been substantiated and that are registered with and approved by the authorities for selling in the country, is an essential characteristic of a legitimate MLM company.

A legitimate MLM company has products priced at fair market value, wherein customers routinely buy the products without joining the company as a distributor; normally has reasonable refund policy for retail customers; and any unsold products can be bought back by the MLM/direct selling companies whether or not a distributor decides to quit the business; and compensation is tied to the sales of products and not based on the number of recruits signing up.

What are remedies if one discovers that the company he or she joined is actually a pyramiding company?

DSA is the first line of defense to help determine pyramiding. For any assistance, you may contact


Network Marketing – The Best Business in the World


Network Marketing– The Best Business in the World

You’re TIRED of negative bosses, alarm clock stress, leaving your kids in someone else’s care, rising costs, a bleak retirement, heavy student loans, the fear of losing your job, the impossibility of starting your own business … IS there an answer? YES!!

Network marketing lets you develop extra cashflow or a new career at very low startup cost, low overhead, low risk, from home, at your own pace, with unlimited income! Get paid what you’re worth!

What is network marketing, or multi-level marketing?


In this video, Professor David Frost of Bethany College, the first institution to teach network marketing, tells us why he believes this business has the lowest risk and the best reward, of any business model, for those seeking financial freedom. ~ This video was made simply for Bethany College students and staff to understand network marketing.

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad multi-millionarie investor, agrees in his 27 minute video, “The Business of the 21st Century”:

Here is a great little intro book that takes just minutes to read: “Making My First Ten Million”, by Brian Carruthers, on Amazon or

If you want to learn more about network marketing, contact me. I also highly recommend you read the first 4 chapters of “The 45 Second Presentation” on Amazon It tells you what network marketing is.

If you’ve heard negative things about MLM, you may love This 28 minute professional video satisfies everyone’s need to validate this profession.

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MLM is perfect in this economy

And you may like to learn more about network marketing  see Eric Worre’s best-selling book on skills for network marketers: Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

“This is what I have been searching for! WOW!” ~ Bobby Moeng.



Network marketing lets you develop extra cashflow or a new career at very low startup cost, low overhead, low risk, from home, at your own pace, with unlimited income!

Understanding a MLM Business Oportunity

mindsetHow Works MLM?


MLM products run the gamut of product lines, as any product can be distributed and sold using the MLM business model.

MLM distributors earn money in two ways: by re-selling the products they have bought at wholesale at retail prices, and by recruiting other individuals to become distributors for the MLM company, from which they earn money on a percentage of their sales.


MLM products run the gamut of product lines, as any product can be distributed and sold using the MLM business model. MLM distributors earn money in two ways: by re-selling the products they have bought at wholesale at retail prices, and by recruiting other individuals to become distributors for the MLM company, from which they earn money on a percentage of their sales.


Both have hailed MLM business opportunities as the best way for anyone to achieve financial success, and they expect MLM to continue to expand and become increasingly successful over the coming years.

Acquiring a basic concept on the fundamentals of MLM and the business structure is the first step in pursuing this lucrative and unique business venture. Some MLM home based business opportunities are better suited for people with certain skills.


Some MLM home based business opportunities are better suited for people with certain skills. In addition to terrific products and an excellent pay structure, many MLM companies provide their distributors with proven marketing and sales systems that greatly shorten the learning curve and can get them on the fast track to success.

With today’s modern age of the internet, MLM distributors are no longer dependent upon hosting home parties and similar activities to sell their products and recruit new distributors.


Understanding a MLM Business Opportunity


Multi-level marketing, commonly referred to as MLM, is a distribution pattern that consists of independent salespeople who represent a parent company that are paid commissions based upon the volume of product sales that they create. Thanks to illegal pyramid and Ponzi schemes, many people have developed a false belief that MLM companies are similar to these schemes.


Is MLM Right for You?


There are a myriad of advertisements stating that their MLM business opportunity can put money in your pocket fast. While the internet makes profiting from an MLM home business much simpler and streamlined, becoming successful will still take some time and effort.


Enter the Teamimages (4)


Thankfully, My company provides you with a stellar product line, valuable training, a proven marketing system, and an excellent company culture that can help pave the way for your success. This company may be just what you’ve been looking for if you are interested in pursuing your dreams of financial freedom with the best MLM business.


Acquiring a basic concept on the fundamentals of MLM and the business structure is the first step in pursuing this lucrative and unique business venture. Next, it is important to find a legitimate MLM company that you can be proud to promote and invest your time in.




Mary Kay, Amway, Herbalife or Avon are just a few of the highly respected MLM companies that have thrived over the years. Both have hailed MLM business opportunities as the best way for anyone to achieve financial success, and they expect MLM to continue to expand and become increasingly successful over the coming years.

Oh No, I Have To Go To Vegas, Again!

Oh No,

I Have To Go To Vegas,




One of the greatest things in Network Marketing is to travel.

I Love it! But when i started MLM in 1997 it was something that i didn’t like.

Why i didn’t like it? I think it was because the only trip that i have made before was from Portugal to Spain to buy candys. It was with my parents and my brother and my sister. We where young kids and it was so stressfull.

Why Is So Important To Go To Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of the most important places in earth when we talk about International MLM  Events. And my company is going to make a training there. One of the most value things of this events is that you learn with the top liders of your company and it’s an oportunity to make new friends. Even if they dont have translation in your language you should go.

Theres something there that you will never undestand unless you go. It’s a show and all of what’s going to hapen there will be so important to yours business, for your personal grow.

Imagine your perfered artist. When you see it on TV or listen to his music, what you feel? And what’s the diference when you go to a live concert? It’s not the same, right?! The emotions are completely higher in the live show and it’s proven fact that emotions are what make people change their on lifes.

Thats why you should go to your company events, especialy the big ones.

I believe that was the events that i went that make the most important changes in my mind. And sucess it a question of mindset.

And remenber this:

Not every one that go to International Events becames wealthy but, everybody who is wealthy in Network Marketing go to this events!

Choose wisely, my friend!

Gano Excel vs Organo Gold

gano excel


Gano Excel vs Organo Gold

In Asia, Ganoderma is extremely popular.

There are numerous business offering items with the “Magic Mushroom”, called by the western media.

Amongst some others, there are 2 business that attract attention for advertising Coffee With Reishi, mushroom name in Japan.

They are: Gano Excel and Organo Gold.

A researcher Leow his name, after numerous years of research established an approach efficient in bringing understanding of the perks of the mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum average residents, putting its remove in a cup of coffee, consume appreciated by about 75 percent of the globe population.

His buddy Bernie, a millionaire in the Network Marketing Industry, had the knowledge to do to reach the entire globe this dazzling concept and together they developed the Gano Excel. It was the year 2003 and Gano Excel rapidly came to be popular in Asia and started their growth to America.

Although some troubles have actually occurred right here, every little thing appeared a magnificent future for Gano Excel. Nonetheless, something occurred in between the 2 buddies and they went their different methods. No one understands for sure exactly what has actually occurred to Mr. Bernardo Chua has actually left the Presidency of Gano Excel.

In September 2008, Mr. Bernie Chua, Shane Morand and some others founded Organo Gold guarantees to be the most appreciated business in the MLM globe and guaranteeing that the Top 100 individuals who make more cash in MLM, majority would be occupied in less than 10 years with OG distribuitors.

In reality, today the Top 10 is occupied by 4 of these distribuitors, consisting of first spot in the table occupied by Holton Bugs.

Let us see exactly what the Organo Gold provides compared to Gano Excel:.

1) Method of cultivating Ganoderma. When choosing to cultivate the mushroom Ganoderma, there are 2 options.

Both are expanded in green environments with close guidance.

1) in plastic bags with products to produce replicas of natural development decomposing and 2) natural decomposition.

Gano Excel selected the first technique. The Organo Gold selected the 2nd. The most noticeable outcome of the option of Organo Gold is that mushrooms additionally produce seeds and spores.

The spores of Ganoderma are 17 times more effective than the actual mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum. The Organo Gold provides stimulates Organic Ganoderma in pill kind.

With the approach of the plastic bag is not producing spores (seeds).

2) Organo Gold is special in providing natural coffee with Ganoderma. Ganoderma is not just natural, however additionally your coffee. The reality of the Organo Gold items are entirely natural enhances its value in American and European market.

The Ganoderma from Gano Excel is natural however not their coffee.

In addition to Organo Gold makes use of an ingenious approach for gathering Ganoderma (not drawn) which makes it 5 times more powerful than the Gano Excel. Although a little more pricey, you need to consume approximately 5 Gano Excel coffees to obtain the exact same advantage of consuming an Organo Gold coffee. Do It Yourself to the accounts which is more costly.

When we note the extreme development of diabetics in the globe, 3) The Organo Gold utilizes less sugar than Gano Excel in some of its items pertinent reality.

The Organo Gold does not utilize any brand name of coffee in your brand-new item utilizes natural coffee from the mountains of Jamaica, thought about among the very best worldwide. Gano Excel does not provide an alternative brand name of coffee.

4) Compensation Plan. Gano Excel has a great strategy binary. The Organo Gold enhanced it. The Organo Gold included that part of the typical unilevel payment strategy and turned it into a contemporary binary strategy (hybrid).

The Organo Gold has actually produced a MLM settlement strategy that really permits distribuitor to full-time or part-time, appreciate outstanding returns.

5) A more powerful, available and reasonable training system.

The Organo Gold have a support network and training great. Training sessions are obtainable and archived by radio, TELEVISION and on its site: OGuniversity.

The trainings are found 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and when a brand-new supplier signs up with Organo Gold he instantly gets an e-mail discussing their training choices and the best ways to begin generating income quickly. The training system of Gano Excel is not as easy to understand or available.

6) more comprehending about the net. Both business utilize systems replicators. The replicator system of Organo Gold is much easier and less complicated to utilize. In basic, from Organo Gold is a lot more based upon optical individual. The Organo Gold even has a leading position in web innovation offered by Mark Seevers who is extremely experienced in MLM and various other company.

Exactly what is the very best, Organo Gold and Gano Excel?

Both business, Organo Gold and Gano Excel were acknowledged in the list of leading 20 MLM possibilities in 2011.

Gano Excel is noted due to their items.

The Organo Gold gained the location due to its Momentum.

The independent internet site for Home Business releases each year its list of the 500 distribuitors (Top 500 MLM earners) who make more in MLM.

mlml top earnersThere are presently 9 Organo Gold distribuitors in the Top 500 MLM earners, all them in the Top 100.

There is no Gano Excel distribuitor in MLM earners TOP 500 list.

Gano Excel and Organo Gold has both great items with Ganoderma and both are great bargains.

However Organo Gold is a much better offer. You will make a whole lot more cash.

Young Organo Gold (2008) currently has 9 individuals on the list Top 500 MLM earner, while the much older Gano Excel (2003) is absolutely no one and this is a really appropriate reality in the company globe. Neither the leadership of Gano Excel broke the obstacle of the list of Top 500 MLM Earner.

Organo Gold Products are completely natural which is referred to as being essential to section the American and european market. Finest practices and payment strategy shown by the presence of 9 distribuitors in TOP 500 earners. And all this for a business that has actually not reached 5 years of existence.

Examine these realities if you are picking in between these 2 healthy coffee companys. I think the Organo Gold is absolutely the business to be if you are going to choose between Gano Excel or Organo Gold   and if you actually desire to make cash and alter your way of living. However do not pass my words. Make your own research. I’m not Organo Gold or Gano Excell distribuitor.