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Is PowerStrips Right For You?

Is PowerStrips Right For You?

Ron Williams, CEO of Forever Green, a publicly traded company was on a business trip in Korea in 2012. A Doctor had learned that Ron had chronic back pain from a sports injury. He offered Ron a wearable patch for his pain.

As Ron describes it, “it looked like a coaster to put my drink on so I was skeptical to say the least. Thank God I promised that I would try it. The relief the next day was stunning.”.

I know you might be thinking, “a patch, I’ve seen patches before, what’s the big deal?”.

As Dr. Kim, the inventor, told Ron, “humanity has never seen anything like this before.” I’m here to tell you that you’ve never seen anything like this before.

The technology behind Power Strips is new to the market, it is proprietary, and it works so well that within months of its introduction, the FDA listed it as a Class One Medical Device for the relief of pain and the improvement of the look and feel of the skin.


Here’s the facts; 1.5 Billion people suffer from chronic pain, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Billions more suffer from frequent pain like headaches, muscle aches, cramps, and they will do anything for relief. The Bazillion Dollar pain management market is largely full of toxic pharmaceuticals that never get to the root cause.

Power Strips are all natural and work with your body’s natural healing system. We use infrared technology to prove this. If you were able to be under a thermographic infrared camera before putting on a Power Strip you would see very low blood flow and energy. In just 15 minutes after applying it you would see a tremendous increase in blood flow, heat and energy from head to toe.

If you have pain nothing replaces you trying the product yourself. Are you Ready for a pain free life?

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FG xpress – Power Strips – How To Join

FGxpressFGxpress – PowerStrips – How To Join


The FG Xpress Power Strips are a blend of old natural herbs that normally and holistically trigger your bodies possess recovering system.

I am personally delighted to attempt them. I do not have any significant discomforts or injuries nevertheless I have had some muscle knots and cramps for some months that I am expecting attempting them with. And. Who does not desire more energy! Its a win/win in my view!

Swelling or simply desire more energy Click here to get your FG Xpress Power Strips if you have discomfort.

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Sign up with FG Xpress IF:.

– you desire holistic and natural discomfort relief.

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DO NOT JOIN FG Xpress if:.

– You think you’ll earn money simply by buying the item.

– you have no discomfort and do not such as natural holistic treatments.

– you hesitate to talk with individuals.

– you do not wish to find out ways to market online (thats the very best means to make money).

– your a wimp.

– you criticize the government and present head of state for your monetary well being.

– you do not have adequate cash to market your item.

– you’re a whiner.

You have to discover the best ways to market. With whatever means you selected, however its up to you. Select a means that somebody has a tested performance history of success in their past. Profit from them, make use of the exact same trainings, devices and resources that they have actually made use of.

Success with anything in life is develop on a couple of crucial principals.

Effort. Commitment. And MODELING from others.