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How A 44 Year Old Mother And Wife With Six Children Had A Complete Total Life Change With Network Marketing

How A 44 Year Old Mother And Wife With Six Children Had A Complete Total Life Change With Network Marketing


Irene from Netherlands, is a 44-year-old mother and wife with six children and has been ran a successful nail and pedicure salon for years, which required hard work and many hours of attention weekly, and she wasn’t spending enought time with her family.

Irene , that has had an entrepreneurial spirit for many years, tells how this change was very important for her to balance work and family.

In 2014,  Irene was ordered to stop working by her doctor, which meant that her family would now have to live off of only from her husband income.

Irene explained her situation:

“In 2014 we were in a difficult position like many other couples with kids. Our financial situation was really getting out of hand. We were financially distraught, disappointed, tired and lost. I’ve been involved in Network Marketing since my early twenties, been in different companies, earned money, but was never very successful.

As always, I was looking around on the Internet for an interesting opportunity and there I found a woman who told me more about one of her companys product. This was in September 2014. As one of the first representatives in The Netherlands, I started my current journey.

I made a deal with myself to be coachable, to follow the system and give this opportunity a full year and then look back at my results. In that year, I would give this company my full attention! And that’s what I did. I followed every training, listened to every opportunity call, translated all documents from English to Dutch for my team here in The Netherlands.

I was looking for an additional $1500 a month to put together with my husband’s income. Then all the bills would be paid. That was my main concern.”

Irene explained her time since joining this company as a phenomenal journey, but because of the time difference between The Netherlands and her sponsors  in the USA, she often felt alone. But she refused to give up. She made a commitment to herself and to her family and July 2015, Irene attended her first company conference in Atlanta, Georgia. “OMG a 13-hour flight … I was so excited.

That event pushed my believe to the roof!! And my business took off even more. Then in February 2016, I attended a conference in New Orleans, this time with my husband! Now looking back, it’s been 22 months, I feel so blessed and proud. My ‘yes’ has changed so many lives here in The Netherlands and other countries too.

Our team now has over 600 distributors! Now I’m a National Director looking to reach Ambassador Director. My team has 1 Regional Director, 3 Executive Directors and more then 30 Directors and my income has exceeded my initial goal of $1500 monthly,” adds Irene.

This company has turned Irene’s finances around. Irene and her husband Melvin are now debt-free, paying their bills on time and can afford to give their children more extra-curricular activities. They have been spending more time together and having regular ‘date nights’.

“Of all the network marketing companies I’ve been a part of, there’s none like this one. I love our teamwork and this company is a true family. I am very strict about the One Team, One Dream, One Hundred Thousand Families slogan. My life has totally turned around. I am ready for 2017. 2014 was my introduction, 2015 was practice and 2016 is game time … and 2017 will be amazing, we have lives and zip codes to change,” says Irene.

There must be someting different over here

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Don’t Let The Fear Of Failure Discourage You!

inspirational quotes

Don’t Let The Fear Of Failure Discourage You!RF_Day1[12]

Failure Is The Mother Of Success

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Failure to success

Lidership – The 7 things Exceptional Leaders Do

Lidership – The 7 things Exceptional Leaders Do

The vital lidership# 1. Excellent Leaders Focus on The Vital 

Too many amongst us fill our lives with more complexity– losing out on the vital reality that brilliant resides in the arena of simpleness.
Choose that one thing you can be BIW (Finest in World) at then have the discipline to tell us no to everything else. Picasso didn’t practice the piano. And Beckham didn’t study accounting.
Seriously– for the next 90 days, clear the decks and focus on that one project or chance that will be the game changer.
And do the exact same for your individual life. Simplify. End up being pristinely concentrated on simply the couple of, essential, things.

# 2. Outstanding Leaders are Masters of Their Crafts

Oh– exactly what an outstanding chance. Most companies and a lot of business people run at average.
Walk into their dining establishment and nobody smiles, the room’s a mess, the food is average, the information are undone and there’s zero aspect of utter surprise.
Underwhelming enthusiasm. Broke technology. Just a bunch of companies copying everybody else and playing not to lose versus intending to win.
This leaves a beautiful opportunity for you and your business to stand for Proficiency. To leave us– as your customers– with tears in our eyes by the exceptionalism that you model.
Please bear in mind: a job’s only a job when seen as a task. See your task as your craft. And your chance to leave your mark on the world.

# 3. Exceptional Leaders Cherish Time

Ordinary people view time. Exceptional people take advantage of time … to develop impressive results, monetary fortunes and international impact.
When I consider the celebrity CEOS, famed billionaires and superstar business owners I have actually served as the private consultant to, I think about people who don’t waste time gossiping about people, who would never think of waiting in line for an hour to obtain into a dining establishment and who have a ferocious regard for the value of every passing moment.
These outstanding leaders decide with speed, hand over everything but exactly what they do best and have gigantic execution knowledge.
Please bear in mind … time is such a special possession. Use it to fuel your dreams, realize your suitables and elevate society for the generations who follow.
# 4. Exceptional Leaders Forge Human LinksHuman Links - Lidership
The larger the dream, the more vital the group.
Swift and exceptional companies understand that a fantastic vision without an effective team is a misconception.
Make the time to improved your colleagues. Buy growing a high-performance team. And dedicate yourself to building a culture within your organization where individuals can bring their finest selves into the workplace every morning.
# 5. Outstanding Leaders Have Optimization Mindsets

It was loadeded with over 300 bugs when Microsoft launched their first variation of MS-DOS. They just kept iterating it up until the product improved and better.
When Cirque du Soleil initially launched, the huge camping tent collapsed at an interview. They simply kept making things much better. Regularly. Daily.
Here’s my point: what makes a wonderful business, career or personal life isn’t some terrific win. Nope. When done daily with focus and resolve cause world-class gradually, exactly what makes outright success are those small stable supertiny wins.
Make optimization, technology and version your fixation. Over the long term, you’ll show up at a location where your firm is the dominant player in your market. And where your peers revere you as a legend.
no surrender - Lidership# 6. Exceptional Leaders Do not Surrender
The # 1 factor that figures out success isn’t really knowledge or imagination. It’s “grit”– that capability to stay with your goal longer than the world thinks is reasonable to stay with your objective.
It’s spectacular– and sad– exactly how rapidly normal entertainers quit on a goal on the first indicator of failure.
Excellent leaders are various. They get knocked down or made fun of or disappointed. And they stay in the game. And so, in the end, they win.

# 7. Exceptional Leaders Have Outstanding Habits

Research anybody who is at the top of her game. And think what you’ll see? An individual who has installed noticeably strong routines of success.
These typically consist of:.
— a very early morning exercise.

— a meticulous day-to-day strategy.

— an hour a day for finding out.

— attending a conference every 90 days.

— eat smaller amounts of food.

— a weekly duration of renewal and reflection.

— arranged household dates and suppers.

— nature strolls.

— connecting with favorable, A-performers.

— little or no tv - Lidership
Make Leadership your way of being. You know management has less to do with a title and even more to do with your state of mind, performance and devotion to making a difference.
Checkout the information of my new train the fitness instructor program here if you want to turn your colleagues into Leaders Without Titles who create world-class outcomes.
Have a fabolous day