Positive Mind Set Action Plan – Part 1

Positive Mind Set Action Plan – Part 1

Before I begin in, let me tell you how this document came to be…

I sent a mail to one of my coaching students and she asked if she could pass the information contained on to one of her friends.

From there, I was asked again and again to share my tips and of course, I said yes!

Mindset and Goal Setting is something that everyone struggles with, including me!

So I turned the document into this short report so everyone can share and enjoy it.

Good Karma is going to play an essential part of Your Success Strategy. In line with this, you are free to give this to friends, or share with family or colleagues, in fact anyone you feel would benefit from some motivation right now, to help them focus and get on the right track, as long as you don’t change the contents or alter it in any way.

STEP ONE: Develop a Positive Mindset!

In order to succeed, you will have to take massive amounts of action!

In order to take action, you will need to look your fears/self-doubt in the face and take action anyway!

Without a Positive Mindset, it is unlikely that you will ever take the amount of
action necessary to experience the kind of Success you dream about.

Each of us will have to chart a unique course when it comes to developing a
Positive Mindset, but I will give you some food for thought…

? Understand that EVERY person on the planet doubts themselves from time
to time. Don’t beat yourself up over this, just work to overcome your fears!

? Believe that you are truly gifted (you are!) and that you have something
positive to share with the world because you do!

? Reduce the amount of time you spend with those with a Negative Mindset…even if they are your family members! (It’s really hard to remain positive when you are surrounded by negative persons)

? Reduce the amount of TV (or any media format) that spews negativity like a
geyser! You will generally find most news to be negative. Either reduce the
amount of time you watch such news, or find another source that sticks to
the facts without all the “doom and gloom.”

? Focus on your Successes (however small) and understand that minor failures will not only come, they are beneficial! Small failures come because you have taken action and ACTION IS THE KEY to this whole thing!

? Train yourself to look for opportunities… if you do, I guarantee you will find them!

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